COVID-19 | Service Delivery Changes

The By-Law Division is experiencing service delivery changes for inspections during COVID-19. For up-to-date information about these changes, and how to file a complaint for inspections for Property Standards, Lot Maintenance or Parking, or for more information about animal control and shelter, please visit our COVID-19 webpage. The By-Law Division is continuing to do its best to maintain services while keeping the health and safety of our staff and residents a top priority.



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The By-law Enforcement Division is located on the second floor of City Hall. Staff there will be able to help you with your by-law concerns.

Canine Control - Office is located at 1080 Elm Street.

Office Hours

Days   Hours
Sunday:   11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Monday:   CLOSED
Tuesdays to Friday:   11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Saturday:   11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Statutory Holidays:   CLOSED

Remember to license your dog each and every year prior to March 15.
Proof of spaying and neutering is required when you purchase your Dog Tag.
Also remember to:
    - Use a leash on your dog not exceeding 2.5 m in length when off your property.
    - Remove excrement left by your dog immediately and dispose of or an acceptable sanitary manner.

All fences, hedges, garden walling, retaining walls natural and non-natural barriers erected, constructed or grown shall be solely contained within the limits of the owner and/or owners' property including all foundations and footings.

Fence Location Height Limit
Front Yard 1m
Interior Side Yard 2m
Exterior Side Yard 1m (adjacent to road)
Rear Yard 2m
Sight Triangle .75m
Parallel to driveway 1m with 50% visibility


Be considerate of others and play your music at a reasonable level to avoid action and or fines. Our by-law respecting noise and prohibiting public nuisance is in effect in the City of Port Colborne.


AMPS Penalty Penalties
Park over time limit $25.00
Parked in a prohibited area $30.00
Park within 3m of Fire Hydrant $60.00

Stopped on a Sidewalk

Parked in a Fire Route $100.00
Parked in Designated Handicapped space












Property Standards & Lot Maintenance
We are extremely proud of our community therefore we ask that all properties be kept clean and free of:
    - Rubbish or debris and objects or conditions that might create a health, fire or accident hazard
    - Wrecked, dismantled, discarded or abandoned machinery, vehicles, trailers or boats unless it is necessary for the operation of a business enterprise lawfully situated on the property
    - Vehicles unlicensed for the current year and not properly enclosed and protected
    - Long grass, bush, undergrowth and noxious weeds as defined in the Weed Act as amended
    - Dilapidated, collapsed or partially constructed structures
    - Injurious insects, termites, rodents, vermin or other pests
    - Dead, decayed or damaged trees or other natural growth
    - All garbage shall be placed in containers with tight fitting covers
    - All structures shall be maintained in structurally sound condition and in good repair

The City of Port Colborne has passed and enforces a sign by-law. The provisions of this By-law regulate the erection, location, construction, alteration, repair, use and maintenance of all signs and other advertising devices within the limits of the Corporation of the City of Port Colborne.

Snow & Ice
All snow and ice shall be removed from the sidewalks adjacent to your property 24 hours after snowfall ends. We must all respect the removal of snow and ice from roofs, buildings and sidewalks in the City of Port Colborne.

Swimming Pool By-law
The provisions of this By-law shall regulate the location of privately owned swimming pools, including accessory equipment, and the manner of erecting and maintaining of fencing and gates enclosing private pools.

Weed season starts in early June and continues until the first frost, usually in October. All noxious weeds must be cut and/or destroyed throughout the Weed Season.

All complaints should be placed with the Building/By-law Enforcement Clerk. Complaints will then be dealt with in a timely manner and private property complaints will be forwarded to the Weed Inspector.