Labour Force

Within 45 minutes driving time of Port Colborne is a labour force of over 200,000 people across the Niagara Region. This contributes to the educated and highly specialized labour force of over 9,000 individuals in Port Colborne itself. There are several post-secondary education institutions in close proximity to Port Colborne. Many opportunities exist for companies to interact directly with area high schools, colleges, and universities through co-ops and other partnerships. With the diversified skill sets and education levels found across Niagara, companies in Port Colborne are able to tap into a modern labour force to reach their business targets.

For current unemployment rates and labour force participation rates for Port Colborne, please visit Statistics Canada - Labour Force Characteristics. Please note that Port Colborne is included in the St. Catharines - Niagara Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) for calculations of labour force characteristics. Unfortunately, there is no unemployment rate regularly calculated for Port Colborne's labour force at this time.


Labour Force Statistsics

There were 5,739 jobs in Port Colborne in 2018. These are jobs which are within the municipality's geographic boundaries and do not include individuals commuting outside of the City for work. Census data, 2016 revealed that the participation rate in Port Colborne was 56%.



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