Garbage and Recycling


Free Bins to New Homeowners

Effective March 1, 2009, new homeowners, upon presentation of their Transfer (deed), are entitled to obtain one free Blue Box, GreyBox, Kitchen Catcher and unwheeled Green Bin if they do not have them already.

The resident must provide an unaltered copy of their Transfer (deed).  This is to be presented within three (3) months from the date of registration of the Transfer.  

 Please note that this program is not available to tenants.


Recycling & Organics Containers

Recycle Bins

Effective April 1, 2009 residents can purchase recycling and organics containers from City Hall, during regular office hours.

Recycling and Organics Containers
Schedule of Fees

 Blue Box
$6.00 each

 Grey Box
$6.00 each

 Green Bin
   wheeled - $17 each

   Kitchen Catcher
    $4 each

$21 each

  These prices include all applicable taxes


Requests - Damaged Containers

Residents with complaints regarding damage to containers or the Recycling Collection Service should call