The Port Colborne Business and Entrepreneurship Support Services (BESS) was established as a hub for small business support services, in order to increase the accessibility and level of support available to our residents interested in entrepreneurship. BESS is a collaboration between the City of Port Colborne’s Community and Economic Development Department and the City of Niagara Falls Small Business Enterprise Centre. The BESS office encourages and supports the enterprising spirit and economic vitality of our city by assisting new and existing entrepreneurs with the creation, development and growth of local businesses.The BESS office also serves as a satellite centre for the Niagara Falls Small Business Centre.




Port Colborne Business and Entrepreneurship Support Services offers new and existing entrepreneurs access to a suite of free services to help start and grow their business. This includes one-on-one consultations, business planning assistance, seminars and workshops, as well as funded programming such as Summer and Starter Company Plus. 

Services offered at the Port Colborne BESS office include:

  • Free business information and guidance;

  • Free market research assistance;

  • Free business plan review services;

  • Entrepreneurship programs;

  • Free/low cost business seminars and workshops;

  • Free/low cost online business training courses;

  • Training and mentorship; and

  • Networking opportunities.




Our team is based on a partnership between the City of Port Colborne and other local and regional entrepreneurship service providers. Currently services are delivered by Business Development consultants from the Niagara Falls Small Business Centre and staff from the City of Port Colborne Economic Development and Tourism Division.


Hours and Contact Information


The BESS office is open monday to Friday 8:30-4:30pm.


Economic Development Officer
City Hall, 66 Charlotte Street,
Port Colborne
Ontario, L3K 3C8
905-835-2900 ext 502
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Business development consultations take place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at the Roselawn Centre, 296 Fielden Ave, Port Colborne.

Call 905-835-2900 ext 502 or email: to schedule an appointment.

We are happy to answer your questions.