Winter Patrol Procedures

Winter Patrol Procedures

If you park on the road during a snow fall, you could be towed!

In February, 2017, Council approved changes to the ticket, tag, tow procedure with respect to enforcing on-street parking infractions during winter snow removal.  Previously, vehicles parked on the street during winter snow removal would be issued a red tag warning.  The new procedure is to issue a ticket along with a tow notice (purple tag) and then towing will occur between one hour to 24 hours after the notice, depending on the severity  of the storm and interference with snow removal.

The purpose of the new procedure is to try to alleviate the interference with snow removal in having to navigate around vehicles parked on the street as well as to reduce the amount of additional clean-up[ plowing the City must perform after vehicles are removed from the street after a snow event.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and parking vehicles elsewhere reduces the need for further clean-up and snow removal.

To register a compliant regarding vehicles interfering with snow removal


Call during business hours 905-835-2901 ext 229

After hours (non-life-threatening emergencies) 905-835-5079